Chamber of Commerce Minutes

September 11th, 2018

Called to order; 7:02


Secretary report- Marty Makes Motion, David 2nd, carried

Treasurer report- Ervin makes Motion, Marty 2nd, carried


July                                                           August

Total Revenue:  $841.36                        Total Revenue: $31,228.82

Total Expenses:  $756.29                      Total Expenses: $33,356.37

Total Checkbook:  $31,060.72              Total Checkbook: $ 28,933.17

Security for next year maybe get police or fireman. Not just 1 person maybe 2

Check to see if you can get smaller walleye

Pop Sales- was very profitable

Church service down

Bay Port Sign- try to get one out by Edlers

New- FYI- next month discuss Christmas with Santa

Maybe get rack for pans for fish are in

No meeting in October

November- Budget & Election of Officers

Maybe purchase tent over top the other bleachers also work on bleachers & wooden tables. See if people that has to do community service to help.

Marty Adjourned-7:49

Next Meeting November 13th