Chamber of Commerce Minutes

September 13th, 2016


Called to order; 7:02


Secretary report- Marty makes motion, Tim 2nd, carried

Treasurer report- July- Marty makes Motion, Tim 2nd, carried

                               August- Tim makes Motion, Marty 2nd, carried


Total Revenue:  July- $1,441.81  August- $28,712.12

Total Expenses:  July- $7,042.22          August- $26,921.00

Total Checkbook:  July- $30,435.90     August- $32,227.02

Fish- New Person to run arts & crafts, Kettle Corn, toasted almonds, smoothies, air brushed tattoos

Maybe Bingo coming back, need someone to sell pop if auxiliary doesn’t

List of different games & what they have available for next year

Phragmities- spray at end of month

Buoys- Roger & Marty will take care of fixing & remove in November

Bay Port Sign- Check into getting new signs. Get an easement wherever we decide to put it. Roger will check with Eric Gardy.

Wild Game Dinner- Last Sunday in March 26th. T-shirts?

New Business

Meetings- next month set date for Santa, if we will be doing it.

Elections in November

Halloween Discuss

Adjourned- 7:55

Next Meeting: Tuesday October 11th, 7 pm