Chamber of Commerce Minutes

September 8th, 2015


Called to order; 7:07


Secretary report- Phyllis makes motion, Greg 2nd, carried

Treasurer report- Phyllis makes Motion, Peggy 2nd, carried


July                                                            August

Total Revenue:  $2,998.25                     Total Revenue: $2,7967.78

Total Expenses:  $1,5894.44                 Total Expenses: $13,884.94

Total Checkbook:  $20,525.44              Total Checkbook: $34,608.28

Festival- Sandwich went well, sold more mullet

Sign: table until spring maybe make it so it can be removed in fall & Winter

Ideas for using money: make nice signs for festival professional made and fireworks, electrical boxes, light for flag pole, Improve water fountain, Libby made motion, Greg 2nd

Flags- Vendor Crafter Area

Check with DNR to see if they will replace trees, will contact Caseville State Park, at boat launch

Phragmities- Going to spray- Aquatic and Helcopter can do either no spraying till 2016, Contact Canfield about Fin & Feather

Next meeting Oct 13th

Old Business- King & Queen, Sashes & crowns, check into for next year, Bank would rather have Queen & no King, Tabled & Discuss in spring

New Business- 35 Vendor- 57 spots, vendors think need to charge more, created facebook will sent out and advertise, Amphibian need help setting up, Fix application

 Meeting Adjourned- 8:27