Chamber of Commerce Minutes

September 2014

Called to order: 7:00

Secretary report- Approved Motion by Phillis 2nd Greg

Treasurer report- Motion by Ervin, 2nd Greg carried


Total revenue;$32,269.10

Expenses; $27,980.90

Total Checkbook; $31,480.88 as of 08/31/2014


Festival Recap: Finance Report: $6,604.40-2014 Profit

Discussion: Maybe purchase tent for over bleachers-Church services went well. Friday serve lunch to bring people in for crafters-lower price to $10.00 per space. Send out letters to crafters.


Date of Festival-Phyllis makes motion Jim Bollenbacher 2nd for July 31. Aug. 1st and Aug. 2nd.  4 Yes -1 no


Signs: County said they would have to check and see how far off the road, It would have to be. Need to form a committee of 3 to check into getting a sign. County can make them. Table until next month.


Christmas with Santa-Yes set a date next month

October 14th


Misc.-Thank you-fireman for Walleye tournament


Flu Shots: end of Sept-October from Walgreens-would have to be at town hall-Shots $31.99 each- check into it.


Convention in Kalamazoo-Any Takers?


New Business

Greg would like the chamber to purchase rifles to have for military funeral and parade. Get into from VFW in Pigeon could be cheaper?

Check with TWP if they have it in there budget in cemetery fund.

Greg to check for prices. Dennis to talk to Ray Licht

Jim make motion to go get prices and need to find out.

What is organization responsibly, Get info and discus and make decision in Oct.

Meeting Adj: 8:25 Phyllis makes motion

Crafters-who would want to take over.