Greg Renn came and spoke at Marchís meeting, here is an overview:

Landowners- the agreement that was written up was to confusing and way to long, have decided to go back to the original which was easier to understand.

Control of the phragmities; people will probably not have to take full control of maintaining them, but to manage them by cutting and mowing.

Letters are going to be sent to about 300 people

Sue had lawyer review it and if we decide to go on further the township will be contacted.

Make sure and send cover letter so the people understand what is going on.

Area to be sprayed; How is area selected? They will have to set up a committee of Twp., Chamber, Conservation Dist., and U.S. fish and wildlife.

Pragmities must be between 2-5 ft. before spraying is done. Rose Island people mow now and wanted to know if they should still mow this year or not? Will let them know .

Phyllis will be Greg Rennís go to person for the Chamber.

Anyone doing anything to do with pragmities must keep track of their time, mileage, postage, etc.


Phragmitie committee consists of Jim Stein, Roger Vollmer 989-656-2861

 Bay Port Chamber, Nancy Gunden, and Phyllis Mckinstry


Contact information;

Greg Renn, Huron Conservation District



Michelle Vander Harr, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service,


You can go on to the website and go to the bottom of the homepage and there are some links that pertain to the pragmities.

Discussion was made about having another meeting to update interested parties in the near future.