Chamber of Commerce Minutes

November 13th, 2018

Called to order; 7:04


Secretary report- Marty Makes Motion, Dave 2nd, carried

Treasurer report- Dave makes Motion, Tim 2nd, carried



Total Revenue:  $1.48

Total Expenses:  $1,282.20

Total Checkbook:  $27,652.20

Total Revenue:  $1.28

Total Expenses:  $109.71

Total Checkbook:  $27,543.57

Bay Port Sign- Have stone, Bucholz will haul, try and set it before the wood- just outside of town

Christmas with Santa- Dec 2nd, Libby make motion, Marty 2nd, motion carried. To change time to 12-1:30. Nancy make candy bags, Dennis to get bikes, Nancy get gift cards, business gifts from Bay Port 4 $25 gift card- Hotel, Bank, fish Co & 1st & Main. Kathy made motion

Bouy Removal- who & When Marty check on who is going to help- Madison, Matt & Marty

Christmas Lights- Budget 250-500 Dave makes motion, Marty 2nd for solar lights

Election Officers- Roger, Matt & Marty- Trustee, VP- Tim, Pres- Nancy, Treasurer- Kathy, Sec- Libby, Kayla & Kelsey

Wild Game Dinner- March 31st, 2019

Next Meeting Dec 11th

Meeting Adjured- 8:00 pm