Chamber of Commerce Minutes

November 08, 2016


Called to order: 7:06


Secretary report- Tim makes motion, Marty 2nd, carried

Treasurer report- No Report


Total Revenue: 

Total Expenses:

Total Checkbook: 

Phragmities- Received Letter. Got with Greg sent out 20 letters. Go over money and all permits are signed.

Bay Port Sign- Where to put the sign, try to find the easement contact. Going to talk to Yolanda Elder to see if its fine to put it in her yard. Roger to get the rocked engraved

X-mas with Santa- Sunday Dec 7th time is from 1130-1, gifts at 1230, fire department will do hot dogs, Mary Cumming will make deserts and bags of candy

Elections- Stayed the Same.

Wild Game Dinner- Date March 26, 2017 from 11:30-3


Old Business- no old business


Buoy’s- haven’t called, need to get the buoys out of the water.

New Business: Brian Edward from Pigeon Rotary, stands for library books for the park. Library Staff to fill it, take care of it. Huron tribute will donate the box.


Next meeting Dec. 13th,2016


Meeting Adjourned- 7:42