Chamber Of Commerce Minutes


Meeting called to order at 7:02

Minutes; Greg make motion to accept, Tim 2nd

Sec. Report; Greg makes motion, Dennis 2nd

Finances;   revenue  $1043.25

                   expenses  $ 6545.21

                   Total checkbook  $19,576.00

Elections;  1yr term

3 board members Marty, Carolyn, and Greg

2 Vice Pres. Tim Brown, Roger Vollmer

1 Treasurer Phyllis

1 Secretary - Libby, Kayla, Kelsey

Chamber dinner-April 23rd, Libby to talk to Terry Brown about speaking, time limit

Joyce makes motion, Greg 2nd to push budget to Jan. 8th meeting.

No Meeting in December

Phraghmities update, nothing until next year-see if DNR will cut down

Check into new entertainment for next year Maybe comedian, lumberjack, town idle, etc.

Maybe change days back to Fri, Sat, Sun, table until later meeting

Community x-mas open house, do something for Christmas Dec. 16th 1-4, Joyce makes motion to table until next year, 2nd by Greg but definitely do something

Phyllis makes motion to adjourn, Dennis 2nd, meeting adjourned 7:44