Chamber of Commerce Minutes

May 12th, 2015


Called to order; 7:05

Secretary report- Marty motion, Lakon 2nd

Treasurer report-Ervin motion, Phyllis 2nd


Total revenue; 10,805.81

Expenses; 4,808.93

Total Checkbook; 30, 943.19


Wild Game Dinner- 268 served. 6,603.51 profit

Phragmities- No update

Bouys- Put in, broken one repaired, longer chains, Russ made more weights still need to work on lights

Arts & Crafts- Send out 97 flyers, 6 applications so far

Sponsor- Kayla, List

Garage Sale- Thur, Fri, & Sat July 9, 10 & 11th, Fri- Brats Bay Port State Bank

Golf Outing- June 6th- Sat Noon

T-Shirt- Lakon, Kayla, & Kelsey- T-shirts- sweatshirts-tanks

Parade- Meet May 20th, in shed, 1st parade june 20th, Matt to find out about pirate ship

Entertainment- sandwich time change from 4 to noon, Fish Point Lodge expanding his display-might want tent

Big Sign- By july 4th? Get painted- will put up

Walleye Tournament- June 20th-Fryer, Marty make motion $100 donation, 2nd by Libby

WLEW-Bowfising-Live weigh in- advertising- that we support them

Thank you from Kelly Hanson for K.A.D donation

Next Meeting 6-9


Tim makes motion, Kelsey 2nd