Chamber of Commerce Minutes

May 9th, 2017

Called to order; 7:00


Secretary report- Ervin makes motion, Marty 2nd, carried

Treasurer report- Marty makes Motion, Kayla 2nd, carried


Total Revenue:  $1,416.26

Total Expenses:  $1,308.81

Total Checkbook:  $32,395.88

Buoy- DNR Buoys are in, waiting for good weather to put ours in

Bay Port Sign- Matt to check on cutting down trees.

Wild Game- Profit $6,481.50, 266 Served

Festival- 300 Mullet, get fish from Lenz in Standish, Perch- Yes, Cod Squares, Country Reunion, Trigger Happy

Fireworks- Try & have 2 finales, Zip line-$3 or 2 for $5.00, need someone to man it.

Ervin to take care of church services 10-11

T-Shirt- Get with Deanna about Donnas Shirts

New Business

Steven Schooley to build new machine to cross-cut fish for the chamber, will get a quote to see the cost, SVSU will build.

Sponsor a hole at Bob Main mememorial Gold Outing. $50.00

Bay Port Inn- 50th Ann. Celebration, tents, maybe do fries & nachos. Try & get town involved. Sept 16th & 17th & other festivities.

Discuss making beach again- tabled until later

Adjourned- 8:15