Chamber of Commerce Minutes

May 10th 2016


Called to order; 7:04


Secretary report- Marty makes motion, Kelsey 2nd, carried

Treasurer report- Tim makes Motion, Marty 2nd, carried


Total Revenue:  $8500.51

Total Expenses:  $2918.40

Total Checkbook:  $36,433.45

New Business

Phragmitie- Everything looks good only 4 more & 2 said they would. Bayshore wants theirs done but wants to see what is DNR going to do, be decided by Memorial Day. No meeting decided yet TBD

Signage- Shawna came up with 2 designs, Marty will get with her to revamp it and will come back in June.

Fish- Whitefish patties, could not get from fish co. Perch is very expensive, have 1800 mullet would like to have 2000, need to have Pollock or cod

T-Shirt- Sending sample to shirts, mugs & more to get a design, get by next month, Kelsey to present

Entertainment- petting zoo, no smoothes. Friday- DJ, Sat-Band, Sun- church services, Laker students, Trivia Game at 1, prizes awarded

Electrical update- Marty has tried to contact Bryan will call tomorrow to add electrical hook up

Brochures- check into new style, Kayla to research

Arts & Crafts- Flyer is made & getting ready to mail out. Check on banner for crafts



Old Business

Horseshoe pit- Waiting for Eileen & Eric

Docks- Need to submit a plan before we can proceed-asphalt. No money in road commission budget will ask more

Peggy to check with Sheriff Dept. & Coast Guard, display for festival

Add Vollmer Plumbing, 1st & Main to a banner. Libby makes motion, Marty 2nd, motion carried

Need to weed & feed will talk to Lee’s Landscaping

Need- suggestions for Grand Marshall, Orin Engelhardt & Wife.

Meeting Adjourned- 8:11