Chamber of Commerce minutes



Meeting called to order: 7:03

Minutes: Phyllis makes motion to accept, Greg 2nd

Treasurer report: Tim make motion to accept, Greg 2nd


Finances;    Revenue                             .71

                    Expenses                   1564.19

                   Total checkbook     16,928.88


Phragmities- Phyllis will call and see if seeds were killed by spray-some have been cut down-see if we can burn-spray again in fall whatever is still alive


Wild game dinner 2 cash donations of $50 will purchase gift cards


Festival; hours Fri. 4-8, Sat. 11-6, Sun. 11-2

3 lumberjack shows, dunk tank? Crafts fish theme, Jane to check


Step it up studio to dance after parade

Call Jim Deming to ask about 5k run during festival


KADD Libby makes motion , Tim 2nd to donate

Dave to Check into CD postcard talk to Al Eichler

Carnival rides or Bouncers, Nancy checking into rides

Bleachers try and get some from Elkton will talk to someone


Phyllis makes motion to adjourn  7:55