Bay Port Chamber Of Commerce

Meeting Minutes

June 12, 2012

Meeting called to order by President Nancy Gunden at 7:02

Approval of minutes; Bill Nagy makes motion, Kelsey Alexander 2nd, motion carried

Approval of treasurer report; Greg Alexander makes motion, Marty 2nd motion carried


Revenue: 3147.49

Expenses: 6615.48

Total Checkbook: 26,281.84

New Business:

 Bill Nagy make a motion, Greg 2nd to go ahead with the spraying of Phragmities with exclusion that if funds become available to apply for it.  Bill makes amendment that if the 45 day permit will let us know if we are allowed to do it since it belongs to DNR, Chamber has $12,800 that was raised for the dredging, and we were not charged for extra dredging, so the money is available to be used for the spraying. Motion was carried.

 Security for Festival:  cost for security for Thurs. & Fri will be $624, Sheriff will not have anyone for us, and Kevin Laming was going to but Twp. can’t bring anyone due to insurance. Susie McGathy will bring it up at next Twp. meeting table until next month.

Nicole Kinde will be in charge of K & Q again this year anyone interested e-mail

 Parades: Phyllis made motion, Al Douglas 2nd to give $100.00 per parade for candy and beads, $20 for gas

Fish Festival: Update on fish, Qty. 3000 thanks to all the people who helped clean fish.

Set up Thurs. 1pm jailers will be there to help

T-shirts: Fish caught the man on front, Bay Port; Mi. on back, silk screened not embroidered, suggestion for larger sizes

10 – 12 crafters signed up as of now,

Brochures done and available contact Libby Alexander

Suggestion made to put sign up in town to display events happening in town, 4x6 with cover $800.00, committee assigned to look into it. Susie, Dennis, Marty. Update next meeting.

Who owns the property monument is on? Susie to check.

Ray McGathy memorial stone for park, Picture placement of Pirate and Boat,  In Celebration of the pirate, cost $1085.00 Greg Makes motion, Phyllis 2nd. Motion carried , any money raised from people in the Grove and Aux is to be turned over to the Chamber.

Libby checking into flags to hang through town to promote our town and festival, we have 10 poles, she will get quote and bring to next meeting.

Al Douglas made motion, Marty 2nd to take the old boat to D & W scrap and money to be given to Chamber

Garage sale weekend – Labor Day- sign up with David Arsenault

Discussion about purchasing pole barn, table for now

Meeting Adjourned  8:40