Chamber of Commerce Minutes

June 9th, 2015


Called to order; 7:04


Secretary report- Phyllis makes motion, Kelsey 2nd, carried

Treasurer report- Bill makes Motion, Libby 2nd, carried


Total Revenue:  $2,1717.51

Total Expenses:  $1,125.50

Total Checkbook:  $32,421.63

Phragmities- Fish Co- 2 miles, north end of Mckinley Twp, 20-25 Land owners, Sept or Oct


Arts & Crafts- 12 Applications, Back talk to more, sent out 50 letters


Sponsor- 8- $300 on back of T-Shirt, 6- $200


Garage Sales- 6 Signed up trying to get more


T-Shirts- Nautical, maybe sell before


Float- Mark Schooley to pull float in Sebewaing


Fest. Signs- Tim Update


Entertainment- For Sunday after church service, cornerstone


Bay Port Sign- Rich Yahr


Golf Outing- 5 Teams, about $500


Old Business- No Lawnmower races, Tents for by entertainment check into purchasing one, check about having a big raffle next year


File for a 503 C Non-Profit, Bill Nagy has links for who to contact Nancy to contact lawyer


Bay Port Chamber to sponsor a Hole for Dounts & Divots, Bill Nagy motion, Tim 2nd motion carried


2015 Senior Project- cleaned around Rays Stone & flag pole


Phyllis to contact to clean up around by the park, get prices & lay out July 14th. May be done by fest. Motion made, Kelsey 2nd


5k Walk- Call Jim find out who is in charge so you can update web site


Marty to take charge of moles


Modern Woodman donated tree, plant where big tree died, maple tree


Check with DNR next year about planting tree by the boat dock


King & Queen- BPSB, to take charge, if no king will just have Queen make sure prince has crown


Next meeting on 7-14


Meeting Adjourned- 8:10