Chamber of Commerce Minutes

July 10th, 2018

Called to order; 7:05


Secretary report- Ervin Makes Motion, Dave 2nd, carried

Treasurer report- Marty makes Motion, Kayla 2nd, carried


Total Revenue:  $2,711.32

Total Expenses:  $1,571.05

Total Checkbook:  $30,975.65

Fish- 200#
Original- 2100#
Perch- 100#
Cod Squares-

Entertainment- Good, Trigger Happy using logo on Flyer

Crafters- 21

Queens- 3 candidates, 2 princesses, 1 prince maybe have a senior couple contest

MC- Dave LeMaster- Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Jim Bollenbacher will do parade.

Parade- 10:30, Nicole Kinde to handle mobile WLEW, Nancy will call. Jim & Jodie Hamel still doing Parade

Bay Port Sign- We donít have stone yet on hold til September

New Business- Thur 1:00 have people to clean tables

Fish Sandwich Contest- 10 minutes whoever can eat the most. 20 people $10 to enter $100 first + $50 2nd

Matt to take inventory of supplies Marty to order breading

Winner of Contest will receive T-Shirt

Volunteer Hats- Order 50 more Next Meeting Sept 11th