Chamber of Commerce Minutes

July 14th, 2015


Called to order; 7:07


Secretary report- Tim makes motion, Ervin 2nd, carried

Treasurer report- Phyllis makes Motion, Tim 2nd, carried


Total Revenue:  $2,171.51

Total Expenses:  $1,125.50

Total Checkbook:  $32,421.63

Arts & Crafts- 34 Spaces, 24 Vendors

T-Shirts- 21st of July

Parades- Pigeon, Chamber Float talk to Scoop to pull in Pigeon, give beads to throw

Bay Port Sign- Canít be fixed

Tent for in front of pavilion for shade when we have entertainment. Purchased from Rich Smith

Festival- coming together good, check supplies & then purchased whatís needed, Tarter sauce, no pump- Fryers ready have enough people to man them

Tents up Thursday, 2,300- Suckers. White fish & Perch

Moles- Marty trapped them

Landscaping- divide lilies, keep spira, $3,913.60. Tim makes motion, David 2nd, Lees landscaping to do

Bouys- 1 not bliking need to switch lights- Marty will work on it

Tree donated by Modern Woodmen been planted west side of fryer

Check with DNR about replacing the trees down by the boat launch

New- No Grand Marshall yet, Alma Stahl, Pauline Kelly, Dennis Henne

Man to sell glow things charge like a vendor

Fryer loaned out to Pigeon for Wing Fling

Set up Thursday at 1 pm- Security Thru, Fri & Sat

Next meeting Sept 8th

Meeting Adjourned- 7:57