Bay Port Chamber of Commerce

Meeting Minutes

Feb. 14th, 2012

Meeting called to order by President Nancy Gunden at 7:03 pm

Approval of minutes – Greg Alexander makes motion, Kelsey 2nd, motion carried

Approval of treasurer report – Greg makes motion, Kayla 2nd, motion carried


Total revenue - $1.08

Total expenses - $1303.72

Total Checkbook - $25,370.28


Wild Game Dinner – March 25th, 11:30 to 3:30, Bay Port Inn

People looking for wild game in order to make something to serve contact Marty Bahr

Anyone wanting to make something – contact Nancy Gunden

Donations for raffles – contact Libby Alexander

Festival news;  Getting electricity installed on other side of lot, permission was given by Twp., Greg received bids, Tim motioned, Marty 2nd, motion carried to take the best bid and get it done.

The bouncers have ask to have 2 volunteers to assist them both days, suggestion was made to maybe have the King & Queen, and runner up’s do it.

Community of Christ Church celebrating 125 yrs, maybe do tribute on Saturday night in recognition, maybe contact Roxy about doing some kind of program.

Discussion on giving more money for entertainment this year, working on getting some new acts , Phyllis made motion to give additional $1000.00, Joyce 2nd’, motion carried.

Grand Marshall was discussed but tabled until May, Libby makes motion, Cheryl 2nd, motion carried

Sponsorship letters to be mailed out by next month, revue the letter and maybe make some changes to it

Windmill Company wants to sponsor, contact Gary Kirsch, 586-707-5773 public affairs for ITC Exelon Windmills

KADD donation – Marty makes motion to give $100.00, Tim 2nd, motion carried

Suggestion was made to put minutes on website, Phyllis made a motion, Nancy 2nd, motion carried

Chamber Dinner, was tabled until next month, thoughts of getting speaker from West Branch to talk about managing fragmities

Looking for ideas for the 2012 Fish Sandwich festival t-shirts

Libby makes motion to adjourn, David 2nd motion carried

Meeting adjourned at 8:06pm