Chamber of Commerce Minutes

Feb. 11, 2014


Called to order; 7:03

Secretary report- Phyllis makes motion, Tim 2nd, Carried

Treasurer report- Tim make motion, Greg 2nd, carried


Total revenue; $38.98

Expenses; $977.72

Total Checkbook; $21,547.43


Wild Game dinner: bank will donate paper products, 72 t-shirts- Phyllis to check on getting camo long sleeve, Marty says plenty of food


Buoys: real or cheap-solar lights $3000 for 6 buoys- 3 red and 3 green, need to weigh down, price does not include weights, batteries to last 3-5 years, Phyllis makes motion to purchase, Tim 2nd, motion carried


Festival: Phyllis brought up idea, to cut back on advertising and entertainment, maybe just set up stand to sell sandwiches on street corner. Decide if we should stay at 3 days or not. Must advertise 4 o’clock on Friday people come early, Friday 4-8, Saturday 11-6 & Sunday 11-2


Check into birds of prey show, Nancy check, Get Coast Guard Display


KADD- donation $100.00, Libby makes motion, Marty 2nd


Church-MDOT – memorial property will be turned over to church, use memorial for public use. Church will maintain property


Meeting adjourned: 8:16