Chamber of Commerce Minutes

February 12, 2019

Called to order; 7:03


Secretary report- Marty Makes Motion, Kayla 2nd, carried

Treasurer report- Kayla makes Motion, David 2nd, carried



Total Revenue:  $151.40

Total Expenses:  $869.63

Total Checkbook:  $26,357.17

Total Revenue:  $1.18

Total Expenses:  $27.66

Total Checkbook:  $26,330.69

Wild Game- Have Walleye & Perch, need more salads, desserts contact Nancy

Sponsorship letters are coming back

Donations- Everyone needs to collect if you want to make a donation contact Libby

Bay Port Sign- table until April

Festival- Entertainment- Nancy to find out options for rides.
Security- need a policeman or 2 people

Check on Dave LeMaster

Looking for bleachers- Marty & Dennis table until April  

Next Meeting March 12 at 6 pm

Meeting Adjured- 7:42 pm