Chamber of Commerce Minutes

December 12, 2016


Called to order: 7:06


Secretary report- Tim makes motion, Libby 2nd, carried

Treasurer report- Tim makes motion, Roger 2nd, carried


Total Revenue:  68.31

Total Expenses: 706.05

Total Checkbook:  30,219.10

New: Buoy’s- Marty checked 100.00 for repair, they are out. Need to fix one & replace 2 green & 1 red lights

Sign- waiting to ask Yolanda Edler, Jean Mayard about putting at corner lot matt mc. Checking

Christmas with Santa- 60 kids, hot dogs get koegels about 100 people.


Think of ideas for raising money for firework.

Tim makes motion to accept Roger 2nd. 2017 budget

New Pirates revenge challenge and Zip Line 6,000

Check for cheaper rate if we provide electric


Next meeting Feb 14th, 2017