Chamber of Commerce Minutes

December 8th, 2015


Called to order; 7:05


Secretary report- Marty makes motion, Dave 2nd, carried

Treasurer report- Marty makes Motion, Tim 2nd, carried


Total Revenue:  $1.46

Total Expenses:  $447.30

Total Checkbook:  $30,571.71

Old Business


Phragmities- 2 Parcel past schnettlers revamping letters. 33 Parcels involved meet with Greg Renn in the next wk or so


Christmas with Santa 11:30-1:00. Bank donating cookies & water, prizes money tree for grand prizes, gift cards 5-$10.00, 10-$20 Gift cards from chamber. Matt to talk to dennis, will let nancy know asap. Age group-2 card- money tree. Grand Prize


Lighting Contest: Who will judge? Marty & ?. Judging on 19th must sign up at 1st & Main


$100 donation made to free store, Methodist & Community of Christ Church.


Budget- Tim makes motion- Marty 2nd


Elections- Marty makes motion everyone get reinstated by vote of proclamation- for 12 months


Matt talking to county to see if we can get out Bay Port Sign back up


Fish Sandwich- order more fries


Pirate Ship- ?, maybe find somewhere to store everything


Letter from DEO about compliant about Phragmities. Will not pursue.


Historical Society Donation- table until next month


Wild Game Dinner- 1st Sunday in April 3rd


Mtg adjourned 8:02


Next meeting Feb 9th