Special Meeting Bay Port Chamber

Aug. 7th, 2012

Meeting called to order: 7p.m. by President Nancy Gunden

Fish Sandwiches sold; 2980

The reason for this special meeting is to try and purchase property on Woodland Street. The property is 3 parcels, 1 with a trailer, 1 with a pole barn, 1 vacant.

Marty made a motion to go to Bad Axe and bid on property, Susie 2nd.

Did a yes or no vote, members only, 9 yes, 5 no. Motion carried.

Taxes on properties would be 28.56 for pole barn, 60.58 for trailer, 16.43 for the 2 lots, a total of 105.57 a month.

Auction is a verbal bid, 10,551.61, if no one bids should we let it go

Marty makes motion to bid 11,000 Greg 2nd with no other bids , bid nothing 6 yes, 7 no

Phyllis makes motion to bid 12,000, Tim 2nd if no one bids, we donít bid, 7 yes, 4 no

Darrin, Toni, and Bill to go to sale, Nancy to write letter for permission if needed.

Marty makes motion to get money for signs he had made, table until next month.

Bill makes motion to let Firefighters use fryer.

Meeting adjourned 8p.m.