Chamber of Commerce Minutes

April 10th, 2018


Called to order; 7:00

Secretary report- Dave motion, Marty 2nd

Treasurer report- Ervin motion, Tim 2nd

Total revenue; $9,439.23

Expenses; $1,147.20

Total Checkbook; $35,556.02


Wild Game Dinner- Everything went well, 250 dinners served


Pop Sales with proceeds will go to Bay Port Food Pantry & Veterans Memorial


Fish Sandwich Festival- Sunday, petting zoo, fish sandwich eating contest, music for Sunday maybe just play from Ipod.


Grand Marshall- Table until May


Fish we are serving is Original, Perch, Walleye & Cod Squares


Bay Port Sign- No Updates


Fireman Walleye Tournament- Donation $100.00, Dave motion, Tim 2nd & to use fryer


Blessing of the fleet- May 20th, will let them use electric fryer


New Business- Old Bay Port Cemetery maybe get inmates to clean up


Bill Forge passed- make donation to BP United Methodist Church


Next Meeting- May 8th

Meeting Adjourned- 7:57