Chamber of Commerce Minutes

April 12th 2016


Called to order; 7:08


Secretary report- Marty makes motion, David 2nd, carried

Treasurer report- Marty makes Motion, Kelsey 2nd, carried


Total Revenue:  $2,206.28

Total Expenses:  $27.60

Total Checkbook:  $30,851.34


Wild Game Dinner- 231 dinner sold, great turnout, people asked about t-shirts should get more made for next year.

Phragmities- 33 paccels only 16 signatures, half way through. Next meeting Apr 25th. 5 pm. Caseville also received a grant

Signs; need a design maybe talk to Shawna McGathy for a design. Check with shindigz for firework sign

Fest- Whitefish patties not available, marty working on suckers, perch prices high

Put hotel on banner for fish sandwich. Libby makes motion, Kelsey 2nd to put banner up for Bay Port Inn

King & Queen- do same as feb minutes if no one runs for King there will not be one.

T-shirt- Kelsey & Kayla will have something next month

Entertainment- check on rides for fest. Company that does the bologna fest, may be available. Trying to get petting zoo, no answer, trying to get smoothie & kettle corn. Tigger Happy- Saturday after, Dave Lemaster- DJ Friday night. Sun church, Corrin, Trivia at 1

Electrical- Bís electric to get hook-up for fryer & refig, crock pots

Arts & Craft- ?

5k- Laker Pride- Aug 6th- 8:30

Food Pantry- Bay Port Community Food Pantry- Marty makes motion to donate $300

Matt talked to Jodi at Sleepers about road to launch- no money in budget for that. Will let her supervisor know the situation. Matt will follow up.


Horseshoe pits- Eric Thick will find out about the league, Nancy will talk to Rick Smith

Check into maybe putting a dock in the cut. So people could dock & walk up. Matt will contact DNR

Buoys- Roger has them going to check if they are working

Adjourned- 8:16