Chamber of Commerce Minutes

 April 2014

Called to order; 7:03

Secretary report- Greg makes motion, Ervin 2nd, carried

Treasurer report- Ervin makes motion, Greg 2nd, carried


Total revenue; $8,838.89

Expenses; $4,884.74

Total Checkbook; $25,342.52


Wild Game Dinner; 251 people served, shirts left to sell, went very well

Buoy’s; need chains and weights. No cost on caps, Marty will contact the company about buoys. Jodi Nieschulz from sleeper state park, looking into weights and help put buoys in water.


Fish Festival; Bay Port Fish Company donated a box of whitefish patties to test at wild game dinner, went over very well, Phyllis made motion to use whitefish patties at festival, Marty 2nd motion carried. No chicken strips this year. Bay Port State Bank will take over the King  & Queen, Prince & Princess this year.


Entertainment; Dave LeMaster, DJ Friday night, petting zoo, Elvis impersonator, Step it up studio. So far!

Church on Sunday – details to be determined 

Membership/fireworks- out in May due June 1st

Golf Tournament- TBA

Doony’s and Dive’s – Marty makes motion, Greg 2nd to donate $50 for county grant

Well needs to be tested this year.


Adjourned; 8:03