1. All participants are required to follow U.S. Coast Guard regulations

2. All boats MUST launch from Bay Shore Marina, Bay Port, MI

3. Official tournament time will be the same as your cell phone time (atomic time)

4. Marine Radios can tune to : Channel #72

5. All boats will be inspected prior to launching

6. Check in begins at 5:00 am

7. Team members will be issued at Captains Meeting

8. Fishing Tournament time will be 6:30 am to 3:00 pm Saturday June 17th, 2017 unless bad weather is a factor

9. Shot gun start will be at 6:30 am from the end markers of the channel at Bay Shore Marina

10. Fish do not have to be kept alive, although, any fish lacking red gills, any who have been injected with water or any other foreign matter to add weight will be disqualified, which is up to the tournament officials discretion

11. Weigh in will be for the best 5 fish that have a 13" minimum. If there is a tie, total length of the 5 fish will be used.

12. All participants must be inside the end markers of the channel by 3:00 pm or late a penalization will be issued. The penalty is 1 pound of fish for every minute your team is late up to a 5 minute maximum which will constitute disqualification

13. Any participants that dock another boat or connects with another boat before checking 5 fish in with tournament officials are automatically disqualified

14. The heaviest walleye will be selected from the 5 team fish entered- one $300.00 winner

15. The 5 fish tournament cannot be donated until after tournament places are determined

16. The heaviest Catfish and Sheep Head will be selected from entries received from qualified teams which will pay back $50.00 for each class. If there is a tie, total length of the fish will be used